PVC pipes projects

My current and probably short-lived hobby....building stuff with PVC pipes and fittings! It all started with building an elevated bed for Happy my dog with PVC pipes which I have a post on Happy's blog. I have managed to build a clothes rack, a towel rack and a coffee table using PVC pipes. I would have love to build items such as a storage rack, a loft bed, hydroponics stand, garden furniture etc, but these items need the fittings called a 3-way and 4-way connectors which the local hardware stores don't carry. Such a pity! I can only resort to building things that only requires the more common fittings such as the 90 degree elbows and the T's. D is trying to contact some suppliers to see if they can custom made these connectors and the MOQ for it. Well, hope we get good news from them soon. Here are some of the pics of the stuff I had made ... ciao!
Clothes rack, towel rack for 2 towels and coffee table.